Evan, Bill, Gary and What?

Evan, Bill, Gary and What?

What do <b>Evan Seacat, Bill Carmody, Gary Barnett</b> and the CU recruiting parties have in common<br><br> da Coach has some <b>Random Thoughts</b> about all of this today...

Random Thoughts on Evan Seacat, Bill Carmody, Gary B, and Recruiting Parties?
1. How about NU's Mad Bomber, Evan Seacat, showing up as the leading scorer down in West Lafayette last night. From time to time, our basketball coach talks about giving Evan more minutes, but sometimes NU's soph shooting guard just can't get the 3's to fall.

Wednesday night, in his home state of Indiana, Evan Seacat hit 3 of 7 from the arc, had 2 steals and grabbed 3 rebounds to boot in 22 minutes of play. Nice game Evan, and I wasn't even in the Chat room typing SEEEEEACAT whenever WGN's Dave Eanet mentioned your name!

2. After the game, during the post game interview with NU Coach Bill Carmody,  we heard that BC asked the players at the end of the game if they wanted to go to man-to-man coverage.

Apparently one of the players pointed out that playing the 1-3-1 zone had held Purdue to less than 40 points [I think he said Purdue's score was 37 at the time.]  The Cats stayed in the zone and Jitim Young had his 2 steals in the final seconds to win the game.

When that zone works, it really works.

3. What is it with Colorado and all this "strippers at recruiting parties" junk?

Now some of the media folks out there are dredging up CU Coach Gary Barnett's time at Northwestern and the gambling/score fixing ring that operated among a few NU players. They point out that GB had nothing to do with the "scandal," but...

Apparently the attempt to drag the Houston and Rice programs into the mix has failed as the man who booked strippers into some of the parties at CU and in Houston withdrew his allegations about those two teams. We haven't heard from the "jaybird" about all this...I expect a column any day linking GB, NU, the Gambling and visits to strip clubs to his ongoing rant against the athletic department and why you should not go to NU.

But you know that every recruiting coordinator in the Big 10 is reviewing what goes on at the after hours recruiting parties especially after what happened up in Minnesota. Its easy to say "boys will be boys" and dismiss all this as part of growing up, but some young women who attended these parties were assaulted and that's not right.

Boys may be boys, but bringing in strippers shouldn't be part of the recruiting process. Besides, where do guys on a football scholarship get that kind of money?

-- da Coach

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