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SjT is hot!<br><br> First off, they don't call the foul on <b>Jagla's</b> moving screen, then the ESPN2 Announcers keep talking while not watching their own video.<br><br> He did cool down enough to give us his view of the game too...

I just need to rant first that the ESPN2 announcers were two of the most clueless morons to be put on the air.

They went on and on and on about the Evan Seacat injury -- stressing that it was a legal pick and that it was the NU defender's fault for not yelling out "screen."

First off, it was NOT a screen. The two chuckleheads said that Seacat got a "faceful of numbers." Um, no -- all he got was a rising shoulder and elbow. Why? Because the body was sideways and not stationary. It was not a screen.

Second, no one could yell screen because no one knew there was a screen coming. Jan Jagla basically stopped and turned to try and pick off the defender, but he never got all the way turned around or set because the play came at him too fast. So no one knew a screen was coming and it was not a screen.

Was it intentional? No. But it was not a screen. It was a 7-footer turning around trying to get in place for a screen, but before he could, the play came at him and as a result he crunched down with his shoulder and elbow to brace and nailed Seacat in the head with shoulder and elbow. I don't see how there wasn't a foul called -- he wasn't even stationary on the slow-mo replay.

It was a foul. It was not a screen. ESPN2 needs to dust off its monitors. Having those two keep saying that it was a legal screen and that someone on NU should have warned Seacat while the monitors kept showing a moving faceful of shoulder was infuriating!

But it wasn't intentional and we can only hope that Seacat is OK. It's just scary to see someone down without movement for that long of time. And more annoying to wait for a good sign with two idiots who can't see a replay in front of their face.

OK, rant mode off ...
As for the game, we started slow, but that 27-2 run coming out of halftime was a thing of beauty. It's something good teams need to do -- come out after a poor half and put a game away. They were so focused that the delay with Seacat's injury didn't even break their stride. Great defense.

And I'll say again that it's just a pleasure to watch Jitim and Hachad play defense. These guys are so smart, so aggressive, so scrappy and give so much effort. If we can get them going, even if it's not scoring but just into the game on D, we will always have a chance. Nice to see Parker driving more as well -- that will help open some outside shots.

Still gotta work on boxing out and free throws, but a big three-game win streak now has us at 6-5 in league play with a week to prepare for a visit to East Lansing. As Minnesota showed today, Breslin is tough but not unwinnable. If we can go in there and steal one, it could be the start of something really special. Let's get those Spartans!

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