Dismal day from the arc

Turnovers and lousy 3 Point shooting doomed the <b>Northwestern Wildcats</b> to another road loss Saturday - this time at the hands of the <b>Michigan State Spartans</b><br><br> The bright spot? - <b>Jitim Young</b> scored 25

But it wasn't a repeat of the last game with MSU
Last time, Maurice Ager put on a shooting clinic, this time four Spartans each hit double figures as Chris Hill scored 16 to lead the Green to the 66 to 56 win.

Northwestern's Senior Guard Jitim Young led all scorers with 25, hitting 9 for 14 and 6 of 10 from the foul line. But he only hit for 1 3 pointer, and that was half of the baskets scored from beyond the arc by the Wildcats.

Forward Vedran Vukusic [7 pts] had the other, as NU shot 12.5% [2 of 16] from outside. T. J. Parker and Mohamed Hachad each had 8 points. Davor Duvancic's  6 points provided the only scoring from the center slot and Michael Jenkins scored a reverse layup at the end of the game for his 2.
At the end of the game, WGN's Dave Eanet noted that the Cats played good defense early [halftime score was 30-26], but NU had trouble with turnovers.
I thought out defense in the first half was very good, as we did against Penn State [a win], we forced turnovers and turned them into points, in the first half, I think we had 10 turnovers and someone said they had 17 points .
You can't turn it over, just on half court defense I thought -- I was satisfied with that.
On the pregame, the Coach had talked about getting the ball to Ivan Tolic...[who had 3 turnovers early in the game] then Davor Duvancic who looked tired.
Davor didn't play well particularly today-- he didn't seem to have that pazazz, so we're going to have to play Vince [Scott], but he gets tired very fast too so I'm just going to have to figure out how I'm going to do that rotation minute wise because right now in the center position, we just didn't have anything and all year long that's been a problem.

When we got a few points out of that spot, we've been pretty good. If we don't get anything out of it, then we're on the other end of the game.
Both Jitim Young [25 points] and Vedran Vukusic [7 points] seemed to have decent games - Vedran with his hands.
I have to agree with you, he knocked down his shots, but they weren't great shots. I have to give Michigan State [credit], they came out in the 2nd half and defended a lot better than in the first half.

The first half, I thought we could pretty much do what we wanted. If we hadn't turned it over, we could have had the lead, and I told the guys that, but in the 2nd half they pushed it up a little bit on us and I didn't think we responded in the first 6 minutes or so [of the 2nd half].
There should have been more questions, but the team was in a hurry to fly back to Evanston so the coaches can watch tonight's HS double-A, double Header at Welsh-Ryan. NU signee Brandon Lee's Peoria Central is one of the featured games

Bill Carmody's Post Game comments in italics are taken from
the WGN Post Game Show
Dave Eanet & David Hildebrand,
 and may be edited for clarity

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