Cat Chat Recap

Cat Chat Recap

The final Cat Chat at Wolfgang Puck's Grand Cafe featured NU's Assistant Coach, Paul Lee and NU's Shon Morris.<br> Skokie Cat was in attendance and filed this on the Purple Boards...

Assitant coach Paul Lee and NU's Shon Morris substituted for Bill Carmody and Dave Eanett.

The Michigan game is 1:30, not 12:30 as stated in Thursday's Tribune.

Lee thinks Michigan has the most talent in the entire league in players 1 through 9. (I think Carmody included #10 last week and said last week the #10 could start on most anybody's roster.) So why aren't they winning? Poor shot selection basically, Lee says. Michigan lost a lot of close games. And they have a terrible road record, 1-6.

The Ivan Tolic strategy. Limited minutes are because of tendinitis in the knees. He starts, because early in the game refs are stricter. So NU would rather Tolic be charged the fouls than Duvancic.

Why do 2 minute timeouts last so long? Because of TV, Morris says. And Lee adds that the coaches are waiting for the buzzer to sound because they don't have anything more to say to the players.

Re the foul called late on Jitim in the Iowa game: Ref had to call it because the game was close, but if the outcome had not been in doubt, the probably no call.

Question from the audience: who would Lee rather face in the Big 10 Tourney, Purdue or Iowa? Lee says they are both tough; it doesn't matter.

Recruiting starts earlier and earlier--in a boy's freshman year. Used to be fall of junior year. Lots of summer time travel to camps, Lee says. By the time a recruit is a HS senior in September, it's too late.

Shon said there will be ticket hotline number for post-season play. And I got the impression he did not mean the Big 10 tourney in Indy.

Lee says Jitim lights up the office when he comes in. The entire athletic department loves this guy. "I would do anything for hiim," he says.

Saturday is senior day. So turn out and thank Jitim and Pat Towne.

Go Cats!

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