BC Got His (Big) Man

He Signals 4, but only needs 1

The 2003 Recruiting Class filled several holes on the NU Wildcats.<br><br> But where are the needs now and in the future?

A new Cote, two Lees and some Sterling...
Is one way you could characterize the this year's Basketball recruiting class.

And for the first time, NU Coach Bill Carmody will have all his scholarship roster slots filled with "his" players, guys who have come to NU to play our style of roundball.  Transfers Michael Thompson [6-10] and Bernard Cote [6-9] have added some height, and depth to the lineup, even if Cote isn't available until next year.

So now Coach Carmody heads into the Summer recruiting season looking for just one more player. He has Davor Duvancic's scholarship opening up in 2005.

Common wisdom is that the Cats should be looking for another big [6-8 to 6-11] forward to work into the system and give Northwestern some added size, but Point Guard T.J. Parker will have to be replaced in 2006, and it would be nice if his replacement at point was either a freshman, or coming in during T.J.'s Senior year, so he could learn the system.

To that end, incoming frosh Brandon Lee is turning heads in Evanston with his skills in pickup games around campus -- after all he would have started at point in Peoria if it wasn't for that NBA Lottery Guy. We understand that he's also shown a little of the fire that last year's captain, Jitim Young, had. Team Leadership on the court is important when you're running the point.

Another guy who is an outstanding passer is Tim Doyle, the transfer from St. Johns. Passing is a key requisite for playing point, but this is just some idle speculation. The only truth right now is that T.J. will graduate after the 2005-06 season.

And, the only true story coming out of Evanston about future prospects is that NU will take [read offer] the best athletes available, no position stated. You know the coaches would like another big man who can play facing the basket to come in and give the program another boost, the way the two transfers this year have done, but if an outstanding point guard appears...

From what we've seen, there is a lot of point guard talent right in Chicago. These kids know about NU, and they should know that NU has brought in 2 local players this year. The players appear to be right in our backyard this year, if they fit BC's requirements, our next commit/signee could be a local kid. Again, this is speculation based on reports out of Chicago -- our sources in the city don't report any heavy interest in NU's Wildcats among the top PG talent.

Purple Reign has been putting up all of theInsiders.com's stories about the summer camps. There's a lot of talent out there in the High School class of 2005, and we might just see the Wildcats pick off one of these top future Seniors come early signing day in November or sooner.

Northwestern University
Scholarship Status Chart - 2004-09

2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
C/F 31-Davor Duvancic [6-8]

F 11- Vedran Vukusic [6-8]
11- Vedran Vukusic

G/F 00 - Tim Doyle [6-5]
00 - Tim Doyle 00 - Tim Doyle


Bernard Cote [6-9]
Bernard Cote

C 3 - Michael Thompson+ [6-10]
3 - Michael Thompson+

C 10 - Ivan Tolic [6-9]
10 - Ivan Tolic 10 - Ivan Tolic

C 52 - Vince Scott [6-10]
52 - Vince Scott 52 - Vince Scott

G 14 - Mohamed Hachad [6-4]
14 - Mohamed Hachad

PG 1 - T.J. Parker [6-2]
1 - T.J. Parker

G 24 - Evan Seacat [6-3]
24 - Evan Seacat

G/PG Brandon Lee [6-1]
Brandon Lee Brandon Lee Brandon Lee Brandon Lee?
G Sterling Williams [6-5]
Sterling Williams Sterling Williams Sterling Williams Sterling Williams?
G Gary Lee [6-6]
Gary Lee Gary Lee Gary Lee Gary Lee?
G 5 - Michael Jenkins* [5-9]
5 - Michael Jenkins*

G 34-Josh Grier* [6-1]
34-Josh Grier*

G 2 - Joe Kennedy* [5-10]
2 - Joe Kennedy*

1 Available
6 Avail
10 Avail
<>Red - Redshirt Year [Players without numbers are Class of 2004 Commits]
Dark Red - If they redshirt during their time at NU
Dark Purple - Regular Players in 2003
Starter - in 2003
+ - McDonald's All American
* - Walk-on Player

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