Kansas Jayhawks fresh off a 63-14 dismantling of Toledo.

In two games, 9 different players have scored Touchdowns for the Jayhawks, while they've put together a tough defense. The Jayhawk writers think it comes down to emotion Saturday, but then so do our coaches..."/>

Pregame Intel: NU vs KU

Pregame Intel: NU vs KU

Here come the 2-0 <font color="#000099"><b>Kansas </b></font><font color="#cc0000"><b>Jayhawks</b><font color="#000000"> fresh off a 63-14 dismantling of <b>Toledo.</b><br> <br> In two games, 9 different players have scored Touchdowns for the Jayhawks, while they've put together a tough defense. The <b>Jayhawk</b> writers think it comes down to emotion Saturday, but then so do our coaches...

It comes from believing in one another,
That's the Kansas' Coach Mark Mangino's [KU Photo right] explanation for the sudden explosion of the Jayhawks offense

But all is not goodness and light;
I believe that in the past we just have not executed like we should have. I believe that we have the mentality that we are going to execute. And we have the confidence and the mentality now to be successful. In the past, I think we lacked that and it kept us from getting over the hump," Mangino said [on the Kansas Insider Site, Phognet.]
The big concern to coach Mangino is that NU is more physical than last year, the Wildcats are bigger and stronger and we have an improved Brett Basanez, but remember they are 2-0 with a shot at 3-0.

Yeah, we beat them last year, but they are also a year better and have come into the season with a new offense. QB Adam Barmann will start for Kansas - he was 14 of 31 with 91 yards and a TD in his first game, and 24 of 34 for 310 yards and 4 TDs in his second. Yup, another QB who likes to throw.

He's got a couple of favorite receivers - Mark Simmons who has 10 receptions for 129 yards and a TD, and Brandon Rideau [9 for 80 1 TD]. Barmann has spread the ball around, Charles Gordon and Gary Heaggans each have a TD pass reception also.

Kansas also has a grind it out running game - their fullback, Red Short Frosh Brandon McAnderson  [nicknamed B-Mac] is getting a lot of press, but the top rusher is John Randle, [KU Photo left] averaging 4.4 yards a carry [36 for 160 yds and 3 TDs]

On the defensive side, the star is safety Tony Stubbs who leads the Big 12 with 21 tackles. Linebacker Nick Reid [KU Photo right] is also no slouch averaging 9 tackles a game. When you ask about defense, Coach Mangino goes back to the "believe in each other" statement.

There is a cloud on the Jayhawk horizon - The record-setting kick returner for Kansas University's football team wound up in legal trouble again early Thursday after being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. 21 Year old Greg Heaggans was picked up Thursday night. He was averaging 33.2 yards per return.

So here we go, our last pre-Big 10 game and NU is 0-2. We're facing another bowl team from last year. The "Fighting Manginos" feature a wide open offense and a tough defense, the question is which offense gets on track first, and which defense plays with emotion.

The last word? From Chuck Woodling, the sports editor of the Lawrence Journal-World ,
If Jayhawks are going to have any chance of posting a winning record, they must win in Evanston, Ill. Emotional incentive of last year's loss to Wildcats in Lawrence could be decisive factor.
The trick might be that the Jayhawks are already looking towards the start of their Big 12 schedule, and the need to head in with a win.

The NU Wildcats are looking for the realization of the promise we saw all Spring.

From our viewpoint, this game comes down to E and E - Execution and Emotion. Whoever has that for the most time Saturday takes home the win.

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