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Just before Backes knocked the Ball Out

<i>From the Premium Board</i> - Here's an interesting discussion on the defensive backfield's exploits following the game with Purdue. <p>From time to time there has been a lot of criticism on the play of the D-Backs from different fans, but after the ball hit the field with no time left, most fans would agree that D-Back Coach <b>Jerry Brown</b>'s Defensive Backfield had played the game of the year...

Copcat asks the following questions regarding the play of the Defensive Backfield...

It seemed like today when the DB's had to step up and play tight and a lot of man to man, they played their best game.

Could we have been playing this way the entire year? Sometimes it takes tough situations to find out what you have. We may found a secondary today!!! Congrats.

Which brought this response from pulmocat
I thought the defensive coaches put together their best pass defense game of the year. I give them an A+ on this one. I saw at least 5 different schemes in this one.

The cover 2 was utilized mostly when PU was throwing against the wind when their athletic advantage was minimized. Most of the time we were in a 2 deep zone with base defense personnel.

I also saw the Tampa Bay defense with Nick Roach playing the centerfield position. Nickle package, dime package also. On one particular play we made 2 coverage switches at the line before the play started. From cover 2 we morphed to a 2 deep zone set to the Tampa defense. I think some of Orton's problems were with reading the coverage.

One problem that still haunted us was in the 2 deep zone when the slot receiver drags across the middle our linebacker and safety had difficulty maintaining coverage as he crossed through the short middle zone. The deep corner route that has given us so much problem in our 2 deep sets was well played today. Of course that was a difficult pass to want to make because of the wind. Marvin Ward got a nice pick when Orton tried to hit that seam on the run.

I was kind of surprised [Purdue Coach Joe] Tiller didn't air it out to that huge WR of his [actually the tight end]. He must have had 9 inches on Backes. Of course, the one time he threw up a jump ball, Jeff Backes made a great play and almost came away with a pick (a play that looked from where I sat like there was offensive pass interference).

And Franksales also passed some credit over to the guys up front:
Do not underestimate the symbiotic relationship of D.B.'s and the pass rush. Howard disrupting the timing of the quarterback and receiver has helped the secondary tremendously
I talked with Coach Brown about all this last week in Evanston - he was more concerned with acting as Head Coach, but he was pretty confident about his backfield's ability to shut down Purdue's awsome passing game. He was right! -- Coach Roy

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