Random Thoughts on Playing Good QBs

Random Thoughts on Playing Good QBs

da Coach watched in amazement early Sunday morning as another great college QB picked the NU Defense apart.<br> <br> He didn't like it, but NU, along with many other good college teams have seen their defenses shredded by future pro talent. So lets give credit where credit is due.

Lets Face it...Along with the rest of the Big 10, Northwestern has a a shaky record against great college QBs.

Hawaii's Timmy Change wasn't the first college QB to put up big numbers against the Wildcats D.

If you go back through our past records, the NU defense, along with the rest of the Big 10, has typically been picked apart by the college [and future pro] greats.
  • Start with Purdue: until this season, Purdue had beaten NU 7 times, all through a Joe Tiller pass happy "Basketball on Grass" offense.
  • Kyle Orton was just the latest in a long line of good QBs to take our D apart.
  • In 2000, Drew Brees passed for 369 yards and 5 TDs against NU and wound up in the Pros. Purdue won that one in Ryan 41-28 and that wasn't the only time he stomped us.
  • Michigan's Drew Henson had more than one great game against the Wildcats. He's now in Dallas.
  • Craig Krenzel, at OSU now with kinda with the Bears, has enjoyed a few games against the Cats too.
  • And you finish off last year with Miami of Ohio [and now Pittsburgh Steeler wonderkind]  Ben Rothlisberger who hung 353 yards and 3 passing TDs on the Cats in front of a Ryan Field crowd.
I'm sure I could find more examples, but what I'm getting at here is that NU is no better or worse than other teams when it comes to defending the top QBs in the NCAA.

Lately, it seems that many of the top QBs [except Orton this year] come out against NU ready to show what they can do and they do it.

Yes, our zones fooled the NCAA Career Passing Leader, Timmy Chang for a quarter, but you can probably say that the sideline hit by John Pickens woke the sleeping dragon, and reminded him he was playing the Big 10. The loss of Luis Castillo to a game ending injury in the 2nd quarter didn't help either, but all week I read about the Warrior's quiet determination to win the game.

Today you can read headlines that talk about Chad Owen's school record 5 TD catches - or read the quote in the Chicago Trib,
"You don't often get the chance to play those big teams, and I put it on myself to come out and play and so did everyone else"
I'm not trying to put blame on anyone, its just that before we all hang the NU defense and their coaches in effigy, we need to remember that a great QB can take any good defense apart.

Last Saturday Night [or was it Sunday morning] a great QB dissected NU's pass defense for about 30 minutes. You have to give him credit for what he did.

I didn't like it, but great QBs usually make it happen. Sunday morning, Timmy Chang did.
-- da Coach

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