Purple Board Chat Room and answered questions from various members of Purple Reign.

He covered a wide range of topics from info on specific recruiting prospects to how NU recruits players. Its straight from the front line of the recruiting wars...

Recruiting Cat Chat Recap

Recruiting Cat Chat Recap

From the evening of December 7th...<br> <br> <b>Scout</b>.<b>com</b>'s Midwest Recruiting Guru, <b>Chris Pool</b>, stepped up in the <font color="#330033"><b>Purple Board Chat Room</b></font> and answered questions from various members of <font color="#330033"><b>Purple Reign.</b></font><br> <br> He covered a wide range of topics from info on specific recruiting prospects to how NU recruits players. Its straight from the front line of the recruiting wars...<br>

The Names of Prospects were posted on the Purple Boards, and Chris then joined the Chat Room for some answers on recruits - here are the highlights.

On St Rita's Mike Kafka:
Kafka has an in home visit set up for Thursday. I have a feeling he's waiting on Stanford. [Illinois Coach] Zook is going to call him as well
Malcom Arrington:
Look for Malcom Arrington to commit soon.
Amcat noted Arrington was another LB - Pool's response: Can't have enough of them

This class is filling up quick. You guys should know by now that RW doesn't recruit postions. He recruits athletes
Richard Clark:
Richard Clark stock falling. Coaches don't like him as much as they did. Does he still have an offer?  Yes, as far as I know.
Termy asked about the process: Chris, things really do seem to be going well.  How much do you attribute this to Fitz and how much to other factors (couple years in a row competitive, etc)
I think everything just fell in place for NU this year. Fitz was part of it but its just a good year.Sutton and Jeske make it a good class period

Sometimes but NU has to recruit different than other Big Ten schools. RW uses speed to make up for lack of size

Asked about some of the LBs turning into DEs
I guess the next guy on our list is Pat Brown, any news?
Not sure right now. I'll have to get back to you on him. Pat Brown is a down the road guy  Won't go on Mucha or Gaebler either
Smokejumper commented:  I didn't see too much speed out there this year.  Are the underclassmen significantly faster???  
You didn't see any speed?  I've never seen this kind of speed at NU. Especially at the WR spot
Are Bacher and Peterman scaring off the other QBs?
Peterman will never play QB for NU. Ok, he'll play QB for a day or two


And more on a future linemen:
Kurt Mattes is the guy I feel will be the next OL commit. We'll see
How do the parents react to your calls
I hardly every talk to parents. I ask to talk to parents the first time I call to get them familiar with who I am and what I do and to get there permission to talk to their kids. Most are very cool. Every once in a while you'll get an overbearing parent
Be here tomorrow at 8 and we'll talk about Brewer. Anyone else have any update requests
But Then Chris Called Andrew Brewer while he was in the chat room...
He's visiting KU this weekend. favors Northwestenn, Loved the campus when he camped here during the summer. Jenks [HS] runs the NU offense. He threw for 1800 yards and 24 touchdowns Runs a 4.4 40

Thanks for coming everyone. We can do this as often as you like.
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