Northwestern pipeline, but remembers that this has happened before...

Random Thoughts: Scholarship Math Dec 17th

Random Thoughts: Scholarship Math Dec 17th

OK, <b>Coach Roy</b> had what he thought was some really hot news this afternoon, but had to sit on the story...<br> <br> As it turned out, <b></b> Recruiting Guru <b>Chris Pool</b> was sitting on the same news...and he finally got the call from the prospect.!<br> <br> Meanwhile, da <b>Coach </b>is pondering the large number of Quarterback Prospect-commits in the <font color="#330033"><b>Northwestern</b></font> pipeline, but remembers that this has happened before... <br>

What do we do with all the QBs?
When the Randy Walker era began at Northwestern, the new coaching staff decided that the Cats had too many quarterbacks.

As I recall, there were 6 guys wearing QB jersies 6 years ago and the word out of Evanston was that then Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson decided that NU could only coach 3 of them.

I remember one QB with great HS credentials who became a tight end and I also remember a comment that he seemed to enjoy gaining weight and knocking down defensive ends after a career being chased around by those big guys. But I digress...

The Cats are once again facing the potential of having a long list of QBs on the roster, but, once again, we've seen this before. A few years back there were 3 QB signees. None remains under center - they've moved on, or to another position as running backs.

Our recruiting guru here at, Chris Pool, [among others] likes to stress that Northwestern under Walker recruits athletes first, and as Randy Walker likes to say, many times the best "skill position" athlete on a team winds up playing quarterback.

Its possible that Northwestern could again wind up with 6 quarterbacks on scholarship come signing day 2005. I'm sure all of them will be given a shot at the position, but at some point over the next few years, one or two will realize that their best chance of starting for the Wildcats will be to move to another position.

Terrell Jordan, Trai Essex, and Jeff Backes are all players who moved to other positions to earn starting slots.

What's great about playing at NU is that you can move around the lineup easily if you really want to play, and because Walker recruits everyone with the understanding that your position is always under attack, the team is better for it in the long run.

FWIW - O-Line Coach James Patton has to be feeling a little better after getting a verbal commitment from Plymouth, Pennsylvania's Kurt Mattes - after all he's facing the graduation of 3 of his 5 starting linemen this spring.

We were debating why Mattes would be interested in Pitt over on the Purple Boards, even after he'd already given his commit to Randy Walker.

I think Chris Pool [and maybe Kurt] was probably laughing at us and our sublime logic on why Kurt should really come to NU, while he already knew that Mattes was going to become a Wildcat. Sometimes we all have to hold on to information to protect insiders.

Anyway, with his 1400+ SATs, to go along with his 4.9 speed, 6-6 and 260 lb frame, Mattes should be a worthy successor to guys like Matt Ulrich, Luis Castillo and Jason Wright.

Anyway, by my calculations there are at least 7, maybe 9 schollies open as of 9 PM Thursday night....

Of course there could still be another commit or two registered by the time you read this.
-- da Coach

NU Football Scholarship Math
as of 12/17/04
Position Roster
- Walk-ons = Scholarship
- Seniors 
+ Commits
= Projected 
Players 2005
O-LIne: 14 3 11 3 2
Tight End: 3 0 3 0 1 4
Wide Receiver: 13 1 12 4 0 8
Running Back: 9 0 9 1 2 10
Quarterback: 5 1 4 0 2
Offense Totals: 44 5 39 8 7
D-Line: 14 1 13 2 1 12
Linebackers: 11 1 10 1 4
D-Backs: 19 6 13 3 1 11
Defense Totals: 49 8 36 6 6
Specialists: 7 2 5 1 0 4
Team Totals 100 15 83 15 13 78

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