St. Patrick's Day, and Coach Roy has been thinking about the loss of FEW, Roundball, and NCAA Swimming while he moved his office.

Firmly ensconced in his new digs, da Coach looks back on the events of the past week or so...

Random Thoughts on St Paddy's Day

Random Thoughts on St Paddy's Day

Lots to cogitate upon this <font color ="009900"><b>St. Patrick's Day</font></b>, and Coach Roy has been thinking about the loss of FEW, Roundball, and NCAA Swimming while he moved his office.<br> <br> Firmly ensconced in his new digs, da Coach looks back on the events of the past week or so...<br>

NU Lost one of its Internet Voices this week
By now most of you know that FarEastWildcat [FEW]has shut down his web site - it was one of the best sites visually and provided some interesting insights into NU Football. FEW was the guy who gave us the picture of Randy Walker as the "Purple Hayse," and Willie on the Pickleboat.

He took his Purple NU Flag to China, Europe, and other places and documented them on the site. He also had a lot of neat trivia stuff and most important was a big booster for the Northwestern Gridiron Network.

While I sometimes disagreed with the criticisms that appeared on his site, he provided a strong voice for improving the team and I always recommended that true fans check his site regularly. A lot of fans will miss the Far East Wildcat site. I know I will.

How about those Pool Cats getting 9 swimmers into the NCAA Tournament!

6 of our men and 3 of the women are competing this weekend - the NU Sports News today has links to the Psyche sheets, the listing of all the swimmers and their relative best times.

My only hope for the competitors this weekend is that they get in the pool and set their own new personal bests - they do that and we can forget the "psyche sheets." Go Pool Cats!

Larry Watts has a great article in the Evanston Review today, about the play [or lack of play] from the two junior guards, Mohamed Hachad and T.J. Parker. While Mo stepped it up in the final 2 games, and T.J. came off the bench for 15, the guards, who are supposed to be the top scorers in the NU/Princeton offense, played pretty bad at times this year.

Next year, T.J. promises to be a better leader and it sounds like Mo has accepted that mantle too.

The bright spot for the future has to be Sterling Williams, who decided to redshirt this year, and the eventual return of Brandon Lee, who did something to get himself suspended for most of the season.

Lee was spotted sitting next to the bench at most of the home games, a good sign that he wants to come back, and most Wildcat fans hope, and expect him back - Carmody said he was one game away from starting, and his injury apparently messed up both his play and his off court attitude.

I watch both Brandon and Sterling practice back in February before he was suspended again - it seemed that Lee was out of synch. He was having trouble with making shots during his drills and seemed to have a "who cares" attitude in his pre-practice workouts. He was one of the guys who showed up early at practice, however.

Williams, on the other hand, is like a sponge, soaking up the offensive style, and watching how the other guys play. He's smooth on the court - he and Lee can both drive to the basket and is regarded by some in the program as the "guard of the future."

One thing that impressed me was that he made it a point to say hello during warmups [he saw me sitting with assistant coach Craig Robinson before practice]. I'm sure he didn't know who I was, but he seems to have a feel for working the crowd.

We're all going to be glad he redshirted this year, trust me...

I've been listening to the tapes of signing day again - we're going to put a few transcripts up in the coming weeks, but NU Coach Randy Walker seems more excited about the spring than usual.

You get the feeling that while the Cats lost a bunch of key players [Herron, Ulrich, Essex, Castillo, Clark, and Ward], he's excited about the kids who will come in to replace them next month, and about the kids who are coming in in August.

You rarely see coaches at NU talking about immediate playing time, but Walker talked a lot about some of the big guys being ready to contribute early.

We have a lot of linemen signed who played very well both ways - they all are coming in knowing that NU has a couple of big holes up front on the D, and while I like to see linemen redshirt, we just might see a frosh or two playing in 2005.

Thats about it.

One piece of advice - if you ever have to move your office, don't do the building yourself. My new place is really nice, but man it took the general contractor [me] long time to get it done!
-- da Coach

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