POD - Where do we Go - #5

POD - Where do we Go - #5

Our resident <b>Mohamed Hachad</b> booster chimes in on turning Mo Loose, Evan Seacat and recruiting in the Big 10.<br>

Talent wise I don't agree with you.
Mohamed Hachad is a very talented player and he was the only player who was really able to face Illinois' players. Unless someone here proves me wrong. You said that you watched the game at Champlain; unfortunately you didn't see what Mohamed did.

I tell you what, let this kid play, let him show his talent and you will be even surprised to see him shooting better and making less turnovers. The problem is when you play under stress and you are, once again restricted by the system, talent is put aside and discipline first.

Talented players are not robots. This is the reason why their talents go unnoticed, because they are so afraid to not be disciplined or to be disappointing, so they have no other alternative except putting their talent aside. I am talking about Mohamed because I saw him playing under another system

I hope you did watch Mohamed during the Big Ten tournament. He got started, so he felt more confidence coming from his coach, and you can't say that there was a lack of fire or chemistry. I am sorry, but both were there, especially against Illinois.

I think also that VV didn't fully use his talent too, I am sure he still has something in his pocket.

I stay ensured that NU has a lot of talented players, and once again I don't want to blame Coach Carmody or the system, I think that NU didn't find yet the best way to use the talents within the Princeton style, but it will come. Come on guys lets stay positive.

Regarding Evan Seacat, DaveLoveJY, is right, we all saw his nice shots during his freshman and sophomore years, and even Coach Carmody said that during the practices this guy can make 100 percent of his shots. Now what happens during the games? Only Seacat can answer to this question.

About recruiting, I think the problem is academic. NU is one of the top 10 Universities in the States, and most of talented players have an eye to the NBA, and if you go to play basketball at a University where academics are a priority, forget then about your dream, unless you are a brilliant student/player able to make both of them. Michael Thompson is the best example, his problem were much more academics.

I don't think Carmody recruits foreigners just for his pleasure, and all the kids he recruited last year were local recruits and you see the result. Now we have good players and talents able to play Big ten level, the only thing is, NU needs to find the way how to use their talents in the [NU] Princeton style.

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