POD: What ever Happened to Seacat?

POD: What ever Happened to Seacat?

But not so, writes one of our board regulars GoCatsGo. Evan Seacat was alive and contributing to some of the Wilcat's success last season.

Evan Seacat was actually in the starting five for the exhibition game last season.
(Hachad was still fasting for Ramadan, and came off the bench.) He was projected to finally have that break-through season and play a lot of minutes. I believe that he was the first guy off the bench for the first few games of the season. As the season unfolded, however, Evan was continually unable to do the one thing that he does better than anyone else on the team in practice -- knock down threes.

Once Michael Jenkins stepped up, Seacat got buried on the bench, getting most of his minutes in garbage time or offense-for-defensive substitutions (subbing for Hachad) at the end of games when opponents resorted to fouling us in the final minutes when we had the lead. Carmody also used him with some frequency for the final possession of the first half (offering a decoy/long-range scoring option and saving one of the other guards from picking up another foul before the half?).

Ignoring the outside shooting for the moment, I have always liked the way Seacat plays. He hustles, makes hard cuts, sees the court well, takes care of the ball and so on. No matter how hard he plays, though, he just doesn't have the athleticism, size or quickness that some of the other guards have. As you suggest, this is especially evident on the defensive end. If he can knock down outside shots in games in 2005-06 like he always has in practice, he's going to play a lot and help the team win games. But if the shots aren't falling, he's not our best option out there.

Evan has had a lot of opportunities over the past three seasons. I hope that he and the coaches have not given up on his potential to help the 'Cats win games. I'm still holding out hope that he'll be a big role player in 2005-06. Why not? You never know what's going to happen. (Who could have predicted that T.J. Parker, Mohamed Hachad and Mike Thompson would have underwhelming seasons, while Vince Scott and Michael Jenkins would be the big surprises in 2004-05?!)

It's worth noting that Seacat hit a couple big threes that helped us beat DePaul at home last season; he also forced Brunner into a travelling violation that was one of many key pivotal moments in the 12-point comeback in the final two-minutes of regulation against Iowa, setting up Jenkins' heroics in OT.
GoCatsGo0203 is a regular poster here on the Purple Reign Boards, and can be found in the Purple seats in Welsh Ryan at virtually every Northwestern Basketball game. He's written for us in the past and his contributions on NU Basketball are always right on, and welcome.

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