Correcting a quote about Jeremy Nash

Correcting a quote about Jeremy Nash

We thought we got the quote right, but we didn't. Last week Purple Reign talked with Jeremy Nash's High School coach about his style of play. Quite frankly we misquoted Coach Nash and now we want to set the record straight.

The right quote is:
Jeremy Nash "needs to be more selfish" in his play.

According to Coach Gene Nolan One hallmark of his play so far is that he involves all of his team mates in practices and in games, passing the ball to kids who might not become starters. The sense of the quote is that Nash tends to try to involve all the players in the game, and that sometimes he just needs to go ahead and score.

Unfortunately, we originally talked with Coach Nolan under less than perfect conditions, totally misquoting him in our article and implying that the opposite of the above was true.

We deeply regret making the error - we're taking steps to insure we don't misquote any coaches in the future.

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