Random Thoughts: NU Bowling, Basketball, etc.

Random Thoughts: NU Bowling, Basketball, etc.

Coach Roy ponders NU in San Antonio again, this time against the Sooners? Sangarin ratings and game predictions, and the appearance of frosh starting on the court last night. And Carmody is apparently sending messages, but to whom?

Here's an interesting matchup...
Northwestern's Spread Offense against The University of Oklahoma's wide open offense in the Alamo Bowl.

Yeah, according to some sources, we have to forget about all the reported interest in NU by the folks in El Paso [the sun Bowl] and look back to the city with the riverwalk, the place where the Internet guys first made their statement and NU got waxed by Nebraska --

The Alamo Bowl
Now, this matchup gets interesting.
OU Official PhotoOklahoma's Offensive Line and Running Game coach is Kevin Wilson - the man who put the NU Spread together, then handed it over to Mike Dunbar when he moved south to Norman.

Wilson's been coordinating Oklahoma's potent running game, but I'm sure he's got a few notes on the spread around. For the record, his running game averaged 4.1 yards per rush, 181 yards a game, and scored 26 times.

For what its worth, the sooners are also 7-4, they lost to Texas, UCLA, Texas Tech and TCU. They just beat the snot out of Oklahoma State 42-14.
NU Basketball & Sangarin
I'm a little concerned that the predictions using Jeff Sangarin's ratings are a little too good to be true. [I'm also concerned that I got our record wrong when I was playing with the numbers the other day.]

NU's record coming out of preseason, based on the Sangarin matchups of last week, should be 6-4, not 7-4. In my efforts to get the Cats to improve, I added a win.


BTW - Sangarin predicts that NU wins at home Saturday by at least 8 points, but if you use the "Predictor" the margin narrows to around 5 points.

In other words another close game for the Cats on Saturday.
Starting Lineups
Bil Carmody moved a pair of freshmen into the starting lineup against Virginia Wednesday.

Craig Moore and Sterling Williams both got their first NU starts in Charlottesville last night, but Moore got in foul trouble early and scored only 4 with 3 assists. After the game, Carmody did send a message to Moore, and the rest of the team, about making shots.

It seems everyone made the layups in the first half, but the Cats missed 15 threes before they finally got one to fall at the end of the game.

I suspect that shooting 3's will be a topic of discussion in the NU team meetings this week.

Benching Mike Jenkins and Mo Hachad had a little effect - Jenkins and Hachad came off the bench and each scored 8 points. Jenkins was really hustling [according to Shon Morris]. Hachad made his only 3 pointer too.

Its interesting that the senior leadership, is starting to appear, but its only when they come off the bench.

By the way, Carmody has been sending a message in each of the last 3 post game interviews - make your shots. I've cracked the code - he wants somebody to start knocking down 3 pointers.

You got that guys?
-- da Coach

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