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Don't get them wrong, but some NU fans are wondering where NU's Freshman All Conference running back has been the last few weeks. Here's a question posed by one fan, with a couple of answers from the Purple Boards...

DavyLoveJY is usually a commentator on NU Basketball, but he drifted over to the Ryan Field Cats board to ask about NU's #1 Running Back...

I've been watching NU football this season and I have been very dissappointed in the offensive stategy used in the games.
Last year Tyrell Sutton was a freshman All-American, he was projected to be one of the biggest offensive threats in the country this year and NU rather put the ball in the hands of a QB who can barely complete a pass and get two yards on a scamper; than letting your star player carry this team and make plays to open up the game for everyone else.

If you guys do your research Sutton touched the football 20.8 times a game last season. This year he is rushing the ball with only 13 carries and receiving only 2 touches a game. As a freshman going into his second year his stats should improve as well as his opportunities. Sutton needs to touch the ball at least 30 times a game so that he can open up the wildcats offense. He is the future of this program, the best offensive player, and he is an all-american. It's no way that your QB should have 45 carries and Sutton with only 69 that is ridiculous.

The year Oklahoma lost to USC in the championship they also lost a strong core of guys; they especially lost thier Heisman canidate at QB White. Adrian Peterson the next season had a team that didn't give him lots of help but the coach put the ball in his hands a lot. Oklahoma gave their best player a chance to carry his team and grow from freshman year to his sophomore season which has allowed him to become the player he has been this season.

Tyrell lost Brett Basenez and Mark Philmore but at this rate his talents aren't improving because he is not being put in situation mentally and with the lack of opportunities this season Sutton isn't becoming a better player and it's coach Fitsgerald's fault. In the NFL Sutton would have blew up at Fitsgerald and coach Pat would be getting pressure from management to make his star shine.

We all know the NU is going to struggle this season but Sutton is electrifying and exciting so as a coach you have to make plays through your best player will enable him to open up the game for guys like Herbert who also is struggling this season. Brett did run the ball last season but his passing opened up the game for him to run. Kafka hasn't proven to be a good passer at this level, nor had he shown leadership, or making good decisions. He is young and when Brett was young he did throw a lot of interceptions, but he also completed a lot of passes. Jason Wright (2003-04), Noah Herron(2004-05), and Tyrell Sutton last season all had great years with Brett calling the shots.

If I'm a young QB as Kafka and I have Sutton on my team knowing his capabilities I'm not trying to run the ball every other play. I'm going to give it to the playmaker and watch him give us 5 to 6 yards and realize that the more I give him the ball and his confidence grow his talents will break a 20 yard run or a 30 yard screen pass.

Kafka is tryin to do too much instead of being a QB. I think coach Fitsgerld need to stress giving Sutton the ball. Sutton is argubably the best running back BigTen and definitely one of the top 10 to 15 halfbacks in the country. He can catch, block, he runs well and make plays when given the chance. His team is going to hurt that argument but watching him and knowing what it takes to be a great running back you see it in Sutton tremendously.

Sutton is like Jitim Young of NU basketball when he was a student-athlete at Northwestern. He was a kid loaded with talent but was on the team that didn't allow people to see who was really the best player in the BigTen conference during his time.

Watching the Penn State game I was so fustrated not because NU lost but because the star player who last year played with so much confidence isn't getting the opportunities he deserves and you see the fustration in his face. Sutton is a good kid, and he might not be one to voice what he feels or speak on what's going on offensively with the coaches in front of the team and his QB after these games and even after practice. Great players have to do it and Sutton is great. I love sports, especially seeing talent in the city of Chicago whether it's high school or colleges, but it irritates me when great players aren't being able to show themselves and be in situations where they can reach his or her potential and even surpass it.

Coach Walker did a great job of introducing the world to Tyrell Sutton so coach Pat needs to help mold this young man into a pro and not contain his abilities.

How do you guys feel?
Well there are a couple of guys on the board with some opinions

Like franksales:
I suspect the answer is a bit more complicated then you stated it. you cannot run if you cannt throw (with the exception of the Motor City bowl) and you cannot throw effectively if you cannot run. Both offensive ideas must work in unison to allow the offense the best opportunity at moving the football.

Neither Kafka nor Brewer can pass effectively at this point in their development. As a result defense are loding up against the run, playing 7 and 8 players in the square area between the tackles. As a result there simply isn't the roonm to run for Sutton at the moment.

Now, having said all that I'm not sure you're all wrong. Desperate times require and lead to creative ideas. Sutton is ouir best offensive player and needs more touches to give a bit more life to the offense.
and figrating adds this...
Sutton has nothing to prove. There's no question that he's a gifted running back, probably all-conference level last year and probably capable of much more. But Walter Payton couldn't succeed on this year's NU team.

For the moment, I'm just as happy to see other players take their share of the hits. There's no sense overplaying Sutton only to get the hell beaten out of him every game.

The biggest reason we see the NU QBs run so often is that the defense keys on Sutton, NU's only real weapon.

When NU finally develops a respectable passing game again, when other players show the ability to gain serious yardage, then Sutton will get his touches and his stats.
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