Random Thoughts: Ain't Life Grand

Random Thoughts: Ain't Life Grand

Coach Roy had a wonderful weekend, between big wins for his teams on Saturday, and then a big commit for Women's Basketball, it almost made up for a troubled football season for the Wildcats. But on this first monday of November, daCoach thinks all is right with NU football, and more...

We all knew they had it in them....
All they had to do is the Offensive Line start working together to handle "star" defenders, and suddenly there would be the running game.

All they had to do was find a QB with a quick release who didn't always telegraph his throws, and get happy feet when there was pass coverage.

All they had to do was block down as a team and give the running backs that little crease they needed to make the scores.

Last  year, Tyrell Sutton hinted that if all three backs ever really got going, they would set a few records.

We even made this graphic for a story about an interview where he talked about  how he expected Brandon Roberson, Omar Conteh and himself, under Brett Basanez leadership, to rack up some serious yardage.

This year there's a new QB and no Zach Streif up front so its taken a while for the Wildcat's now 4 headed machine to get going.

Last Saturday we saw glimpses of what NU's version of the Pony Express could be with the two "rells" going full throttle. Both scored touchdowns, Sutton the first, Jordan the last.

Sutton rushed for 168 yards, Jordan 47; it was a a two man effort suggesting that the running backs as a group consider themselves a team within a team, something that is very hard to get going in today's star driven college media world.

What was important was that the line really started to work together to make holes in the Hawkeye defense, and C.J. Bacher's passing [19 of 29 for 218 yards] kept the blitzing down leaving big gaping holes up front. Sutton's 5 receptions for 35 yards didn't hurt either.

So now its time for the Wildcats to exploit the Buckeye's weaknesses shown by Illinois' game of last Saturday while the Bucks study our game with Michigan to see how they stopped the "Rells," and MSU to see how to pick apart NU's d-backs

Its a shame Illinois played the Bucks so close.

These Cats remember two years ago, when NU played OSU in a night game on national TV.


I bet the OSU coaches and players do....
Then comes news about Amy Jaeschke
who is the kind of female roundballer coaches see in their dreams....

She's #29 on our Scout.com HoopGurlz Hot 100, and All State first team last year. She brings her 17 points and 11 rebounds [last year's numbers] to a Wildcat team that used to contend for the Big 10 and more,.

She'll be joining former Carmel HS and Syracuse guard Jenny Eckhart and another transfer, Ellen Jaeschke, who transferred to NU from Air Force this year.

Bill Carmody's Court Cats better get going and make the Big Dance quick - as in the next couple of seasons...

Because it looks like Women's Basketball coach Beth Combs just might have the Lady Court Cats "dancing" before then.
All this erases my dismay over the reaction by some Hawkeye fans...
to my commentary about players with legal troubles being allowed to play.

I was castigated by a few Hawk fans who demanded that I "set the record straight" about the incident, and even when I linked to my sources, these fans continued to whine and cry that I didn't know all the facts [as if they did], and besides NU has the Medill School of Journalism and they'd never stoop to this kind of ....

Well you get the point.

I didn't point them to the Daily Northwestern or other college papers, who seems to dig up dirt on athletes all the time, and a missed apostrophe [one commented on my grammar] is a common occurrence in almost any newspaper in America.

What I didn't understand, and still don't, is what was a starting player doing in a bar, even drinking water, at 1 AM? And what was he doing at another club after 3 AM?

Some fans said he was waiting for his girlfriend, fine, that's a noble reason to be out, but the comment that the bouncer had an "attitude" doesn't excuse a student athlete from making comments that could be construed as assault.

Last time I checked, you can go to jail even for simple assault, and if a player starts down that road, it can be very hard for the team, or the coaches to help, that's all. Personally, I hope that if some of the things I've heard are true, that the player beats the rap but....

The "incident" might have been just one more distraction for the head coach at Iowa to deal with as he prepared for Northwestern.

I now put the entire issue to rest, please Hawkeye fans, don't bother me about this any more...
Oh Yes
Just so you know about that other "win," my Cardinals won their 3rd game Saturday, 37-18 over the Rams!
-- da Coach

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