Escape! NU 40 UNF 39

The Game Winner by Kevin Coble

"They didn't know they could win coming in here and we let them know that they could." -- Bill Carmody Post Game. Yes, It was a close game all the way with NU playing decent Defense all the way. But there were "issues" with rebounding and scoring - and where were the Veterans...?

Nate Pomeday probably said it best at the end of the first half....
The Young Northwestern WildCats are playing to the level of their competition so far this year.

And had Kevin Coble not made the put back jumper off a Craig Moore missed 3 pointer with 3 seconds left, then stolen the inbounds pass, NU would have played below their level and been on the losing end of the score.
Bill Carmody We didn't deserve to win that game. We were all sitting here watching - that team deserved to win , and we were very fortunate.
APThe game with North Florida sounded pretty ugly, with NU shooting just 34% from the floor, and 4 of 25 from the arc [that's 16%], but something more important bothered the coach Bill Carmody...
BC: You know our freshmen played like freshmen, which is going to happen, but our seniors, our veterans played like freshmen too and that was very discouraging. We didn't get anything out of the upper class guys
UNF didn't shoot much better than NU, they hit 16 of 52 for a 31% shooting percentage.
BC: In the first half our defense was good - forced 7, 8 , 9 turnovers, we were getting pretty good looks down there. Then one guy missed a layup, another guy missed a layup - wide open shots, the guys were supposed to make them and all of a sudden you've got a close game.

They didn't know they could win coming in here and we let them know that they could
UNF made 3 of 10 treys and out rebounded NU at both ends of the floor. The Cats came up with 13 offensive and 21 defensive rebounds [34 total], but the Ospreys grabbed 40, including 10 by forward Gallo Cham.

AP The Osprey's also put the Cats off balance with a zone...
BC: Our offense against their zone - against Brown it was more of a free flowing thing and it was very effective, and tonight we went back to some old stuff - it was like pass it around until someone gets a shot.

The last 6 or 7 minutes we went to the pass-motion offense and that helped us.
ap While Craig Moore led the Cats in rebounding with 7, it seemed that he passed up some good shots during the game.
BC: Naw, there was only one shot I thought he should have taken - there may be some more - he hasn't been shooting the ball well . but you know the guys a good shooter so eventually, no matter what happens, good shooters in the long run make shots and I think he'll eventually start knocking some down for us.
Tim Doyle was the leading scorer, with 8 points, including a 3. APJeff Ryan had his best day scoring 7, and while Kevin Coble made a few freshman mistakes, he still finished with 6 points and 6 rebounds and a steal.

What won the game was that NU's defense shut down UNF following a jumper from Chris Timberlake at 6:16.  NU allowed just one free throw by UNF for the rest of the game, while making 4 baskets: including Tim Doyle's 3 pointer at 4:50. Kevin Coble also hit two 2 pointers, and Jeremy Nash scored his only points of the game during that period.

Nash was a late substitution coming for the final 6 minutes.
BC: I just thought he would give us some life. I tried everything else and I probably should have put him in there before but he knocked down a shot, blocked a shot down here, got a rebound.

So he just gave us a little energy in there - he seemed to picked us up.
Next up is the Big 10 - ACC Challenge and the Miami Hurricanes. What do you expect from Miami.
BC This team was killing us on the boards - then there's Miami, much bigger, jump higher, stronger and there's more of them.

There's a lot of work to do to and we have to see what we come up with.

Bill Carmody's Post Game comments [in italics] are taken from the WGN Post Game Show
-- are based on questions from Dave Eanet & Nate Pomeday and may have been edited for clarity.
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