Vince Scott's Turn: NU 66 Loyola 60

Tim Doyle grabs one of his 6 rebounds

There was another new top scorer for the now 9-3 Northwestern Wildcats Wednesday, as senior center Vince Scott pumped in 16 and the Cats rolled over Loyola of Maryland in a game in Evanston Wednesday night. The Greyhounds did make a game of it, forcing NU to come from behind in the 2nd half to get the win.

The big story in the Trib today was about Tim Doyle and Kevin Coble's Play...
So you had to figure that someone else would step up Wednesday night for the Northwestern Wildcats.

This night the High Scoring Wildcat honors belonged to the center, Vince Scott. Scotty hit a couple of early shots, and finished 7 of 7, including a pair of 3's. He also had a steal, a block and 3 rebounds. The 16 points was his career high scoring at NU.

APCraig Moore [here drawing one of his many fouls] finished right behind Scott with 14 points, despite hitting only 2 of 6 from outside the arc. His 6 of 8 freethrow shooting kept the Greyhounds at bay, especially at the end of the game. He also finished with 4 assists.

Not that Doyle and Coble didn't play well at times:
  • Doyle finished with 13 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds. He also had 4 steals, but also had 5 turnovers.
  • Coble cracked double figures [11] on two last minute free throws, but more importantly he also had 6 key assists and 4 steals. He also grabbed 5 rebounds.
APOverall, the Cats also showed the ability to rebound - particularly on the offensive end. They out jumped Loyola 27-23 with 10 of the Cats boards on the offensive end as Sterling Williams added 3 offensive rebounds to the Cats' totals. Jeff Ryan also added a lot of spark to the game on the defensive end.

Loyola's leading scorer on the season, Gerald Brown only scored 2 in the 2nd half, as he was held to 15 points before he fouled out. Marquis Sullivan, Loyola's leading scorer with 17 was perfect from the arc in the first half, but finished 5 of 10 for the game. Omari Isreal and Josko Alujevic both had 4 rebounds for the Greyhounds.

After the game, NU Head coach Bill Carmody  was asked about how the defense stepped up in the 2nd half:
Carmody: I thought our defense was very good at the top of that zone, Doyle and coble, and I guess Sterling [Williams] was out there and they seemed to be harassing them a lot more that they did in the first half.

You know the first half, they just seemed to have their way, they were very comfortable, in a comfort zone with their shots and all and in the 2nd half, they were getting down to the wire in the clock and so [I] just thought there was more activity.
Kevin Coble was coming off some really good scoring performances but tonight he seemed to be passing more, especially at the end of the game.
BC: Yeah, they were hedging out on a lot of screens so we saw that and at halftime we emphasized that when they do that we should be able to roll Vince [Scott] for some easy things and it worked out pretty nicely and Kevin saw them and made those choices.
Vince Scott hit a couple of 3 pointers early, but later in the game it seemed that he got open inside more....Bob Hildebrand noted that it was the most he'd seen Scott go inside in a while.
BC: Me Too [repeated several times - laughing]
But the coach does like to seem him playing inside.
BC: Yeah, of course.

I was just very disappointed in our offense in the first half because it put too much pressure - we weren't scoring and we weren't running through things and it put too much pressure on your defense.

We were guarding OK early in the first half, and then it seemed you can't score and ya gotta guard for another thirty seconds and you can't score and you gotta guard again.

When you're scoring, it takes a lot of pressure off that defense.
Another bright spot was the play of Jeff Ryan ...
BC: Jeff did a nice job, had a nice drive there and a couple of plays he kept alive - tipped them when he couldn't get them himself which was important because some of you have been to some games and all we do is play close games...

So everything happens and paying attention to details are important so all those little things add up in 40 minutes.
APTim Doyle [shown shooting for 2 early in the game] also helped by keeping the ball in play...
BC: Yeah, we got 2 or 3 of those from Timmy - you know, all those flyers he was throwing and missing tonight he was making down in Puerto Rico so he cam home here - I don't know.

He's important to us out there, that's for sure
So what's left to try to accomplish before the Big 10 season starts next week....
BC: You can see we have a lot to work on and again, when I'm looking at this tape, I'm going to see that first half and it just wasn't fluid and they were aggressive but not so much that we shouldn't be able to run our stuff so we've got to get it like clockwork.

It can't be stopping. These guys seemed to be getting the ball and trying to think, well it was some kind of a science project out there - let me figure this out, when its really simple.

I just want the offense to move a little better.
Next game is Sunday against Northwestern State, before the Cats open up against Penn State on the road January 3rd..

Bill Carmody's Post Game comments [in italics] are taken from the WGN Post Game Show
-- are based on questions from Dave Eanet & Bob Hildebrand and may have been edited for clarity.
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